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An evil sorcerer has taken control of Dwynae and it's up to you to bring peace back to the land. Find secrets, uncover ancient ruins, overcome bosses, and make your way to the lowest floor of the main cavern system to find and defeat Dessorous.

A 2D top down open world adventure survival game with loose rpg elements. If you are playing without a mouse it is recommended to turn off mouse controls from the in game settings menu.

Use WASD to move around left click to attack/interact with things. Additional controls/alternative bindings can be found in game.

Note the level cap for all skills (including combat) is 31 in the beta build. 15+ hours of gameplay.

Suggestions and comments good or bad are much appreciated.

Bug Fixes:

8 March 2017 - The bug causing the game to crash after closing the program, reopening it, and then loading a previously saved file has been fixed.

Install instructions

Requires java to play


hardquestv003.jar 82 MB


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good game.

thank you!